Tip for a Successful Red Tag program

Often times, the initial red tag event is one with energy and success. The team gets together and removes a bunch of junk and unecessary items from the area. Common practice is to move it all off to a designated Red Tag Area where decision makers will disposition the items. Regretably, the first go around is also the last. The Team fails to designate an owner to the area with the sole responsibility to ensure materials are moving out of the area on a timely basis.

For the red tag process to be a success I suggest that the area owner review the material on a weekly basis. Additionally, this owner must be help accountable for dispositioning material to a set  schedule. For example, decide that nothing should remain in the area longer than four weeks. During routine 5S Audits, the age of the items in the red tag area should be noted if it exceeds this time frame.


As with all things 5S, Accountability is the KEY to sustaining the improvements.


What have you found works to keep your Red Tag program a success?

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Comment by Michael Toussaint on June 20, 2014 at 10:39pm
I agree, accountability is key. Adding the red tags helps, and also making sure the tag is used to its fullest intent. Filling in the DATE____ and Tagged by____ is simple and important for checking back.

I also suggest that a senior member of the organization is involved to help provide recognition and help communicate the importance of 5S. Without 5S, other improvements will not sustain. -Mike

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