Ive seen lots of ways to make foam shadow boards, from Xacto knives to a hot blade on a electric heat knife. Both are messy, dangerous, and take lots of time.

I've even used vacuum forming for small tools, lots of work.

Does anyone have other experiences that save time?

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Comment by David Visco on January 8, 2016 at 9:26am

Hi Larry,

Do you know if these tools will actually cut closed cell polyethylene foam? 


David Visco

5S Best Practices

Comment by Larry Ralph on January 8, 2016 at 3:47am

Try various advance tools that are recommended and environment friendly. Visit http://www.foamboardsource.com/creative-tools---accessories--design... to get idea of advanced cutting tools.

Comment by David Visco on July 18, 2014 at 2:59pm

Tool draw shadowing is a great Set in Order tool for keeping tools at point of use as well as helping to maintain orginization of the work area.


There is however an opportunity cost as well as quality to consider when choosing to do tool foam drawers yourself. Having them done for you removes a lot of stress and looks so much nicer. The 5S Store can handle this for you with durable closed-link foam or HDPE for cleanroom applications. Here's a link to our Custom Foam Tool Drawer page http://www.the5sstore.com/cufost.html


I hope that helps.


Thank you


David Visco

5S Best Practices

Comment by Robert Leonardo on July 3, 2014 at 12:54pm

First question, why foam?  Why nest tools (assuming is for tools) in foam?

Having the foam cut on a water jet CMC (outsourced) would be the best solution.  We have this done for some of our manufactured products.  If you are doing one-offs though, that could get a bit pricey as a program would need to be written for each.

If you were are using a wall, slot board or pegboard, the simplest method I have done is is a hook and a text label denoting the home.  Even in a transient workforce factory I have had success at this.  

If a shadow is truly desired and necessary for tools, I would recommend getting some gloss or semi-gloss black or gray vinyl. Adhesive on one side. This stuff comes on rolls. I just buy scraps and small roll ends from a local sign maker.  

I would recommend the automotive, outdoor type.  Much more resistant. If you think you will be re-positioning in the future, talk with your suppler.  The substrate and other factors will play a roll in reusing/removing. 

Lay the vinyl out and trace the tools.  Cut with scissors, peel and stick.  Done.  Fast and affordable.

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