It's been a strong belief of mine for quite some time that one of the secret ingredients needed for 5S Success is Accountability. Managers all the way up the chain have to hold their direct reports accountable for abiding by the 5S standards. For example, if a Warehouse Supervisor sees a subordinate place a pallet jack two feet away from the taped out, pre-determined and labeled location that Supervisor MUST pull that subordinate aside and speak to him/her. The second that the Supervisor simply lets it happen you're doomed. There's no telling who's watching and seeing this lack of conformance. Some of it's just through osmosis.

On the flip side, if the Supervisor does the right thing, speaks to the subordinate and explains what was observed and reviews the benefits of following the rules, he/she will have helped set the expectation that PEOPLE WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. 

On a similar note, the Supervisor's Manager has to hold him/her accountable to holding their team accountable as already mentioned. Granted, this isn't always pleasant or easy. And at times, you might think you're just too busy and it doesn't matter. Well, it does matter. You MUST hold your team accountable for following the standards that have been put in place. 

To follow on this idea check out a quick 2 minute video from my mentor Darren J Hardy of Success Magazine. ;

Good luck

David Visco

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