Pros and Cons: The 5S Consultant vs. Implementing 5S Organization Yourself

Do you know what all experts have in common? They’ve spent countless years getting it all wrong, until one day they finally get it right and their processes are forever changed. Sounds nice, right? It sure does. See, when you’ve got a ton of tasks that steal your time, why claim to be an expert and do-it-yourself when you can hire someone who knows how to do it right the first time?

A 5S consultant is an expert in their field. They’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to sustain 5S principles in a variety of industries. 5S consultants have made enough mistakes to tell you what to do and what not to do. And you already know that wasting more time wearing many hats doesn’t sound intriguing.

Remember, when you look for a 5S expert, not all consultants are created equally.

So, what does a consultant do?

5S consultants offer planning, some offer execution, or some offer both. The line can be black and white – straightforward, no customization – you get what we offer service. Or you can find 5S consultants, like at The 5S Store, that provide a little more help when needed.

Regardless, your goal should be to find a consultant that is willing to get you well onto your way to optimum workplace management. Finding a 5S expert that will conduct a robust and thorough analysis of your workplace is the key to success and eliminating waste.

Consultants require more initial funding and cost to use, but the overall costs are easily justified by the improvements that are gained as a result.  Overall improvements include more profitability, productivity, quality, and efficiency of your company.

Wait! Can you trust a 5S consultant?

Here’s the kicker. Anyone can claim to be an expert but previous work experience and referrals from trusted connections will authenticate the true experts. If you’ve ever stopped at the World’s Greatest Café in the middle of nowhere to try the famous burger, you get the picture. The terrible belly ache from eating a soggy gross burger made you question where the claim of serving the famous burger came from. Who in the world said they’re the greatest or an expert in the field, anyway?

Before hiring a consultant, always do your research. Eliminate any desire to get the belly ache. Whether you need to read reviews, Google the name of the company, look at their LinkedIn pages, check out services on their website, ask other companies about them, or read their books, always consider all avenues before you hire a consultant.

The 5S Store can play in your success

David Visco, the president of the 5S Store is a well-known and successful 5S implementation consultant and coach. With over 30 years of operations, warehousing, inventory management, and manufacturing experience in the distribution, medical device, biopharmaceutical, and the electronics industries, his experience in 5S can help your business succeed, too.

Whether you just need a little help or you need a little more help, the 5S Store has a 5S Assessment Program designed to get you well on your way to optimum workplace management. Maybe you need a virtual coach to help you stay accountable, or you need someone to review processes like your red tag efforts, it’s easy to find a program designed specifically for your needs. Some programs are more in-depth for larger or complex facilities. Or perhaps you need 5S on-site training and plant level programs for designs or installations, both are exceptionally helpful. 

Implementing a 5S Program Yourself

Lots of work to be done, but it’s possible

Do-it-yourself 5S is obtainable with a lot of devotion and hard work. Identifying problems and researching proper solutions does take time and resources. But when you decide to implement 5S on your own, you can always find an abundance of resources available at the here or you can call for assistance.

Additionally, here are a few tips to help you get ready to implement a 5S program on your own:

  • 5S products for your workplace

 Before you get started, you want to make sure to have the products that will help you get organized, eliminate waste, and keep others informed about your plan to implement 5S. Otherwise, without thinking ahead and getting the proper products to help you, 5S will not have a chance to sustain.

  • Ensure the timely ordering of 5S organizing products

 When you’re ready to create organized spaces on your floor marking  or red tag holding areas  – for example, you’ll want to ensure that the products you need are readily available. Remember, time is money and a one-stop-shop that has a large product selection is incredibly helpful.

  • Time involved properly installing products and rolling-out new procedures and standards

  Consider the manual labor involved in making spaces more useful on your production floor and your warehouse floors more functional. Rolling out new procedures require a lot of time – and resources. Knowing industry best practices and having access to the most durable product selections will help you.

  • Monitoring results and tracking effects while maintaining 5S long-term

Audit, audit again, and audit some more. Keeping track of your 5S practices is imperative to the growth of the program. Monitoring every process you’ve implemented - failures or successes – will help you continue to sustain 5S.

  • Bonus tip: Always make sure to keep into account the time spent during implementing when calculating total cost. Your time is valuable, keep a clear log.

So what is right for you?

Should you hire a consultant or implement a program yourself?

If you’re not sure what you need to do at this point, evaluate your resources. Take into account how much time, funding, and learning you are willing to allocate to this project. If you don’t have the time or understanding, hiring a consultant as a coach is a no-brainer. If you have a complete understanding of the 5S topic and have the resources and best practices, a “self-implementation” could be your best bet.

What if you have the time and resources necessary for implementation, but don’t fully understand 5S?

Don’t tackle 5S on your own if you’re unsure how it’ll fit into your company or how to properly implement it. For clarity, it’s best to have someone walk you through the entire process. With that hiring, a 5S coach is the most practical choice for your company. After all, why waste time trying to figure out 5S on your own when you can have a 5S coach assist you.

A 5S coach that offers services that differs from traditional consultation or aided implementation is ideal such as:

  • Online video call training
  • Recurring meetings for teaching and updates
  • Live coaching programs

There isn’t a one size fits all approach to 5S training. And just like all businesses are different, 5S training options should be unique to your business, too. When you’re ready to commit to growing your company in a more organized, efficient, and safer way, hiring a consultant is the most efficient and cost-effective way overall.

Contact for any questions or help you might need and we can steer you in the right direction. Our focus to help you become successful, as you start sustaining 5S. We offer 5S On-Site Assessment Services and many consulting services that are effective for your business

Schedule 5S Coaching with David Visco today!

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