How to Design a Reward and Recognition Program?

Have you ever thought about using a reward and recognition program to help motivate the growth of a successful 5S program?

When it comes to creating a lean workplace through 5S principles, getting a thumbs up from the workforce can be a little tricky. Sometimes your employee gets it and is eager to get moving in the right direction. Other times employees are hesitant to change.

As the employer, your challenge is to create a successful environment for growth and without all employees on board, you could find yourself hitting a brick wall.

Break through whatever is hindering the success of 5S in your workforce by promoting change and creating a culture of trust, acceptance, and recognition.  With reward and recognition programs you can focus on any achievement as a reason to applaud others.

What is the difference between a reward and recognition program?

All companies can benefit from a strategic reward program for employees. An employee reward program is set up to acknowledge performance and motivate employees on individual and/or group levels. Think of a reward program as something that’s of monetary value in nature or otherwise a cost to the company. Rewards include these four key areas: compensation, benefits, recognition, and appreciation.

A winning system would reward specific behaviors that made a difference to your company. A reward system might include rewarding activity-performance and behavior.

One example of a reward program might be: Your employees have significantly cut down on wasted material, downtime, and production remakes at your facility. Sounds like you’re on the track to 5S success, don’t you think? Why not reward this behavior so other departments are compelled to work more efficiently and effectively? There are many ways to celebrate this victory and you can customize the reward as necessary to fit your company.

Then there’s the recognition program.

Recognition works most effectively when done in a timely fashion, so that it reinforces the positive behavior or action. Although everyone loves a yearly raise or monthly bonus, most employees are really after recognition for their hard work. The recognition needs to be appropriate for achievement

One scenario might go something like this, “Hey Mrs. Employee, thank you for a job well done! We appreciate you!”

With a recognition program, you provide a psychological reward as a financial benefit. You might provide your workers with an employee of the month parking space, 5S Success pin, sticker, or t-Shirt to let them know they’ve done a great job, as well.

How do you increase productivity by designing a reward program?

Although reward and recognition programs offer two different ways to thank your employees, they work best when used together. Here are six key steps to help you motivate your employees with a thriving rewards program:

  1. Recognize the company or group goals that the reward program will promote.
  2. Identify the behaviors, performance, and attitudes that will collectively reinforce your company’s goals.
  3. Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on achievements within each department.
  4. Meet with management/supervisors to determine the best type of reward (note: rewards will be revised per measurement of successes throughout the workplace).
  5. Inform others about the program so they’re aware of monitoring and influenced to do their very best.
  6. When one level of achievement has been met, challenge your employees to beat their previous record through monitoring and informing others about total productive maintenance (TPM), 5S successes, KPIs, and days without a lost time accident.

Not all reward programs should be created equally

Some employees may not be as motivated as others by your incentives, so try to offer a variety of rewards and recognition opportunities to meet various employee needs. For example, Generation X employees (those born between 1965 and 1979) might be more motivated by something completely different from Generation Y (those born between 1980 and 1995)

The main goal of reward and recognition programs is to improve sustainability, productivity, and commitment of those within your organization.

Acknowledge your employees and encourage them to be the best they can be. With reward and recognition programs, you can successfully create change – especially when it comes to implementing 5S in the workplace.

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