7 5S Management Musts to Sustainment - Part 2

As part of the ongoing segment on the 7 5S Managements Musts please find below the 2nd and third  MUST:

Management MUST go through 5S Training and be part of a 5S Team. 

While this may go without saying, it's worth repeating that it is critical that managers of areas implementing 5S get trained on 5S. By trained I don't just mean reading a book, watching a video, reading a blog or sitting in on a meeting. I'm talking about in the trenches, learn on the job in the  gemba, 5S training through all 5 stages. The easiest way to accomplish this is for them to be part of a 5S Team. Notice I said "Part Of". They don't need to be the leader of the team. In fact, it's even better if their first training was outside of their regular group. This will allow for more open thinking on the manager's part. 

Another important point regarding this MUST is that the rules of engagement don't change simply because their managers. For example, new 5S Teams should develop a code of conduct such as no cell phones or laptops during meetings. When you're in a meeting, you're to be focused on the task and topic at hand. That goes for everyone including managers. Following on that point, the managers should not be allowed to leave the training's or events for conference calls or other situations that arise. Remember, we're talking about ways to improve 5S Sustainment. One of the easiest ways to kill a 5S initiative is to send your Team the wrong message by showing a lack of commitment to the process. 

So, to recap, the first Management Must is to Get Out On The Shop Floor. The second 5S Management Must is simply to get fully trained. 

The next post will be in out in several days to discuss the fourth 5S Management Must - Support 5S!

Talk to you soon

David Visco

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