7 5S Management Musts to Sustainment - Part 1

Sustaining is commonly regarded the most difficult part of 5S. In that regard, I've listed below what I call "Management Musts" for sustaining 5S. 

Management MUST:

1. Get out on the shop floor (go to gemba)

2. Go through 5S training 

3. Be part of a 5S team

4. Support 5S

5. Focus on the people and their 5S efforts

6. Hold people accountable

7. Not "do 5S to them"

Every few days, I'll post detail about one of these MUSTS. For today, we'll review Management Must 1 - Get out on the shop floor (go to gemba). 

It's soooooo eassy for a manager or supervisor to sit in their office all day or go to meetings and avoid the shop floor. How do I know? Because, I'm guilty of it just like everyone else. A thought leader in personal development once said "successful people do what unsuccessful people aren't willing to do." I think that is fitting for our topic. It has been my experience that successful 5S implementations are so because their leaders make it a point to get out on the shop floor and SEE what is going on. This action not only gives them an opportunity to see what's going on but more importantly shows the workers that the leader actually cares. On the other hand, I've never known a 5S program to be even remotely successful without the manager getting involved and getting out on the floor. 

What has your experience been? Let us know. 


David Visco

5S Best Practices

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