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I thought you might enjoy a guest post I wrote for Mark Graban's Leanblog.org site concerning the 5S program at a former employer of mine.

Read the Guest Post Here!

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Comment by David Visco on June 2, 2016 at 4:54pm

Wow Paul - what a great, albeit, unfortunate story. I have somewhat similar story. I was onsite conducting a 5S Assessment at a major biopharmaceutical company you would all surely know. Walking through the offices the host explained to me that they're in the process of "5S ing their offices. The pictures of my kids on my office window frame have to come down and I'm only allowed one on my desk. The President wants every office looking the same and pictures on window frames are a pet peeve of his." At that point, I knew I had my hands full. Truth be told, the site was very clean however their 5S program was improperly managed. First, a Finance Coordinator was responsible for the entire program. She was a sweetheart but was already over the top busy. Secondly, they were proud of their 5S program but it really didn't exist. They had no standards whatsoever and they were still auditing regularly with no standards in sight. My report out to them was regrettably not well received. The President didn't appreciate my honesty particularly when I suggested making people remove pictures of their kids from their offices was sending the wrong message. 

The point is, this President drove HIS demands onto the site and for the most part HIS demands were misguided. Checking in to the site from time to time I've discovered no progress whatsoever -  other than boring office cubicles. Ugh. 

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