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Show Us Your Red Tag Area and Win!


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Now MORE choices are available for tool control

Keeping tools and supplies in proper locations is ideal for every workplace. But sometimes you need quick solutions for everyday problems. 

Per popular request, we've expanded our selection of stock Cleaning Station Tool Shadow Boards so you can quickly get organized in non-food contact or general maintenance areas.…


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BIG News to Share with You

Hello,   We'd like to share big news with you!

We’re changing our look! The 5S Store released an updated brand identity on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.  

This will be our third logo revision since we were founded in 2006. We’ve been busy evolving and improving the way we do business for you. Our transformation begged for a fresh look. So, be sure to watch for our new updated logo that better represents that evolution. A logo…


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Transformation Tuesday

Be the change you want to see in the workplace!

You can set the example and transform your workplace from an unorganized mess into a more productive and organized space. Something as simple as cleaning off your desk, putting tools back in the appropriate location, or creating organized spaces on the warehouse floor will show others you're committed to improving the work environment.

When you need tools to get organized, …


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Have you thanked your employees today?

Gratitude goes a long way.

The best way to motivate your employees to get organized is to go out to the production floor and get them involved in the entire process. Make it your goal to include them and don't forget to recognize milestones with gratitude.

Here's an idea. Before the end of the day comes around,  set the example and straighten up your area, organize your desk, and clean up any mess in your workspace... And when you see others…


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Thank you for being part of our 5S Community!

We know you haven’t heard from us in a while… that’s because we’ve got something in store for you! We're making major updates to continue to provide you with the useful tools you need to stay organized and increase efficiency.

Stay tuned for exciting details!

In the meantime, we’d like to…


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Stop Wasting Time Searching for Tools!

Save time spent searching for the tools, information, or equipment you need by creating and designating a place for every tool! When you have the tools you need readily available, when you need them, you will significantly reduce wasted time and effort.

Our custom department is always ready to assist your with creating the perfect tool shadow boards to meet your requirements.…


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What kind of storage solution do you use for eliminating waste?

Storage solutions play an integral part in waste elimination - which is one of the key aspects of 5S. 

Since safety and good housekeeping principles are equally important, we'd like to know what your favorite visual organization method for tools is? 

Do you prefer tool shadow boards, foam tool organizers, tool racks, or magnetic tool storage systems?

We'd like to hear your favorite method for keeping your frequently used tools organized.…


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Learn the Best Practices for Using Color-Coded Systems

Good communication is important in every industry – especially the healthcare, manufacturing, industrial, and food industries. Without visual communication, messages are hard to understand. Misunderstandings would interfere with productivity. That’s why color-coding standards are critical. Color-coding allows you to communicate without…


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Optimize Organization with a New Red Tag Strategy

With the New Year approaching, now is the ideal time to start thinking about getting organized.

Remove the unwanted, unused, or abandoned items from your workplace with a strategy. With an effective red tag strategy, you can clear out the ‘dirt’ – also the Japanese word for red – and cut waste from your facility.

5S red tags, as noted in our article,…


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Total Productive Maintenance

Tags are a foundational tool that helps you effectively communicate in the workplace. They're especially beneficial for total production maintenance (TPM).

Ensure your project and maintenance teams are working together - and keeping track of services with TPM tags. Shop here:…


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What is a visual workplace?

If you look around for a moment, you'll notice a ton of visual cues. You're probably not surprised, right? So long the days of only hearing about the hard facts - you need to see them, too.

A visual workplace helps close the communication gap - and so much more, including:

  • Visuals reinforce standards and highlight critical information.
  • Visuals sustain lean improvements.
  • Visuals assist continuous improvement in a constantly changing…

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Don't Underestimate the Potential of Your Floors!

Aisle and floor marking are considered one of the most useful processes used for the 5S set in order phase. With floor marking tapes, shapes, markers, and stencils you can create organized spaces on your production floor.

You can also use 6S aisle marking to direct traffic, provide non-slip walkways, and keep forklift and pedestrian traffic…


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Why 5S and Color-Coding is Important in the Food Industry

Why 5S and Color-Coding is Important in the Food Industry

Look around for a moment - chances are you can see how 5S principles would benefit any organization. From the front doors at your place of business to the shelves in your stock department, when items are inappropriate locations, at a glance -  organized, safe, and clean spaces are…


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Review of Value Stream Mapping and Best Books to Help You!

Schedule a meeting with your team – it’s time to start talking about value stream mapping!

Value stream mapping - VSM for short – is a team exercise and should involve representatives from all of the areas within the organization. The idea behind VSM is to see where delays are in your processes. Analyze ways to eliminate anything that doesn’t add value – or creates waste with VSM.

VSM is also known as a lean way to create ‘material and information flow mapping’…


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Importance of 5S in the Food Industry

Implementing 5S in the food industry is considered a win-win-win for the environment, consumers, and processors!  

Plus -  with a color-coded cleaning station tool shadow boards, you can easily ensure the correct tools are put back in the appropriate departments.…


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Why Are Businesses Better with KPI Boards?

Key performance indicators (KPI) boards are a measurable way to see if your business is meeting goals.

Most people agree that measuring successes and shortcomings is a fundamental part of reaching your objectives, but the way you translate the information is equally important.

Imagine this - you’re keeping score for your son's little league team. All the bases are loaded and the most valuable player is up to bat. You think it’s a sure win for the team.…


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Back to Basics: A Methodical Approach to 5S

5S has the potential to change your work culture by improving quality, lowering costs, building customer confidence, increasing factory uptime, reducing repair costs, promoting safety, and most importantly changing behaviors for the better. Any industry leader would vote in favor of 5S – especially with all the outcomes listed above.

But maybe you’ve…


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Importance of Communication in the Workplace

Five quick ideas for cultivating communication across multiple departments

Research has shown that effective workplace communication increases morale, productivity, and commitment throughout an organization. Although many businesses understand the value of communication, getting everyone on board can be…


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How to Make 5S Red Tagging Successful in the Workplace

In any business, starting 5S can seem like an overwhelming task. Although the benefits are vast, the idea of organizing and sorting through hundreds of items in the workplace can leave one questioning the best way to start. I mean, you can’t just snap your fingers and miraculously meet your 5S goals, right?

But the sorting process, also known as the first step in 5S,…


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