There are many different floor tapes on the market. Which brand or type have you used with success?

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I have tested several brands. Uline brand vinyl safety tape is our choice; best price for longevity.  

Hi, from México

Robert do you know some type of paint to use instead of tape?


Robert Leonardo said:

I have tested several brands. Uline brand vinyl safety tape is our choice; best price for longevity.  

I have used a good quality metal and cement spray paint on our floors with success.  Don't get sucked in by fancy "5S Paint" marketing. 
I made stencils, in this case "L" shaped for skid positions. I then sprayed with an off the shelf spray paint. Even in high traffic areas it wears better than the best tape, but the floor you spray governs the longevity.  Ours is a sealed concrete.  With the slightly porous surface, the paint adheres very good.  Too good in fact--  removal is not very easy!  We don't use paint any more for that reason as we have moved machines a few times to accommodate growth and change. 

If you are going to  paint, and your floor surface is not so great or may be a challenge, or you are in a harsher environment, you are best to call line marking specialist.  They often are listed under asphalt services, property management service or parking lot maintenance service.  

Thanks for your input Robert. Although I know paint has it's place I've found most folks prefer tape as it tends to hold up longer. Glad to hear you've found some paint that holds up. I've also found that utilizing tape corners and dots can save a ton of effort. Their easy to lay down and replace if necessary.

I have tried MANY types of tape, moslty without sucess.  We were a trial site for Brady Tough Stripe, and that seemed to work well, but somewhat costly for high traffic areas.  We use dots as well.  Although we do something probably completly different than most warehouses; we own a sign plotter.  So we are able to cut all of our shapes & dots in the corp standard colors. See photos below.


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