I work in a medical laboratory and we are implementing 5S practices. We have auditors from various departments that audit different areas monthly and right now our audit questions need some work. Any suggestions where I can get ideas or see an example of an audit form that has been used in a similar situation.


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Hello Patricia,

Below is a basic template I have been using.  I'll admit I have no experience in a medical laboratory, but Im a firm believer that the 5S principles can be applied anywhere and the questions themselves are not necessarily the most important feature of the audit checklist.  What I'm arguing is that whatever questions you ask in an audit that they should be specific, important to that area being audited and binary.  A simple yes or a no.  But before an audit can be done a standard should be established allowing the auditor to determine if the standard was met or not.  The challenge will be to make the standard not subjective.  When the standard is not met, this can be an opportunity for coaching and practicing PDCA.

I hope this helps.



1. There is no unnecessary RM, WIP, FG
2. There is no unnecessary Equipment, Machines, Furniture, Racking
3. There is no unnecessary Tools, Paperwork, Office Supplies
4. Clutther free: Floors, storage area/closets, work surfaces, cabinets

5. Regular removal of garbage/unnecessary items are evident with red tag.


6. Locations for bins, boxes, WIP, parts, PPE are clearly defined by lines and labels.
7. Equipment, Machines, Furniture, Racking is identified and placed in an identified location
8. Tools, Paperwork, Office Supplies are labeled and have a defined location that is visible
9. Walkways, vehicle paths, and Exits are clearly identified and unobstructed.

10. Furniture is clearly identified (numbered/named) and placed in its proper location.


11. Bins, boxes, WIP, parts, PPE are free of debris and neatly stacked
12. Work surfaces/Equipment/Machines are clean and free of debris
13. Tools are clean and neatly returned to designated areas
14. Floors are free from dirt/debris, oil, parts, etc. Walls are painted and windows are clean

15. A cleaning schedule/log is posted and up to date.


16. Measures have been set to avoid build up (min/max, visual controls, etc.)
17. Preventative Maintenance/Calibration stickers are visible and display next date for action
18. Everything is stored neatly in a designated area and is returned after each use.
19. Standards exist for markings, colors, signage, labels displaying air/gas flow, etc.

20. A Team KPI Board has been established in the area for monitoring "Key Success Factors"


21. It is evident that the Team is involved in 6S activities and improvement initiatives
22. Leadership has participated with your team in monthly evaluation, Gemba walks, etc.
23. 5S Champion has current 5S Scorecard posted.
24. Overall, the principles of 6S look to be understood and have become a way of life
25.KPI Boards are up-to-date with information and performance targets

If you or anyone else needs, I have a couple that I can share.  

If you have any audit forms I would really appreciate it. Just trying to generate a form that works for our laboratory.


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